On this page, we will collect links to players who could be relevant primarily for Danish companies, but possibly also for others. As can be seen, there are so far only a few, but the “collection” will be continuously updated.

We of course don’t know much that these players don’t know. But they know a lot that we don’t (….). In return, on top of advisory, we can be your “inbound receiving channel”, wing man and coordinator for the dialogue with various stakeholders and implementation of your projects etc.

EKF Danmarks Eksportkredit is Denmark’s government export credit institution. EKF supports Danish exports by providing financing to customers abroad and by insuring exporters and banks against losses on difficult markets in particular. EKF participates in projects of all sizes, and advise both small and large companies. With its almost 100-year history, EKF has plenty of experience to share.

IFU – The Investment Fund for Developing Countries is a self-governing government fund that invests in projects in developing countries together with Danish companies. IFU also participates to a certain extent with loans and guarantees for project companies. With more than 1,000 projects over more than 50 years with both large and small Danish companies, IFU is a good place to start if you want to establish yourself in one of “their” markets.