Although there are many similarities between project financing and export financing, these are two different variants of the same discipline. Export financing is based on a buyer’s or a bank’s solid balance sheet, while project financing is based on the expected cash flow from a newly established project company for a specific purpose, e.g. the construction and operation of a large industrial plant.

Debt financing in such – often very large – projects is typically divided into tranches and requires the mobilization of several lenders in one or more syndicates. For natural reasons, very few Danish companies act as the main supplier or main contractor in such large projects internationally.

However, many Danish companies are suppliers or sub-suppliers to large projects, and these orders can easily be of a size where it would be relevant for the company to be able to arrange a corresponding earmarked debt financing for the project. It may even be a requirement in some projects that major suppliers must provide or facilitate financing to be considered.

We know the players in this market and we can assist in arranging financing for your supplies for large (and small) projects, including participation in negotiations and conclusion of the necessary agreements, etc. – in ongoing dialogue and close cooperation with you and other relevant stakeholders, of course.