There are many different kinds of risk to consider when contracting.

It may be possible to eliminate or mitigate some of them “for free”, e.g. by adjusting a little on delivery- and payment terms and try to get as many of your preferences as possible incorporated in the contract. However, in practice it is seldom possible to have all wishes accommodated, so the remaining risks must be mitigated otherwise.

This can be done, for example, by using letters of credit, guarantees or credit insurance. It can also be done in other ways, and it has to do with i.a. whether you want to protect profit or “just” avoid losses. It is also about the risk profile of your supplies: Is it e.g. a license, a service, a standard product, custom-made equipment, or a combination? And is it “supply-only” contract or a turnkey contract ?

We do a risk analysis, map the current risks and present a proposal for mitigation and risk hedging as well as a price estimate. The whole thing is reviewed, and the further process is agreed. You can then choose to let us take care of the practicalities, including request for quotations and finalizing agreements, etc., or you can choose to take over from here.

Risk analysis and proposals etc. can be made for single transactions as well as for portfolios.