If you are among those banks who do not have a full-scale advisory set-up for trade finance and export financing, it might make sense for you and / or your customers to have a chat with us.

For exporters, it can be an advantage – sometimes even a requirement – to be able to offer financing of supplies. And for both exporters and importers, it is always necessary to be able to deal with – and manage – the financial risks, especially in the more “exotic” markets

WE CAN ASSIST ON BOTH. Combined with your credit support and thorough knowledge of the customers’ business, we will – together – be able provide them the best possible platform for their cross-border activities.

We know the players in the export and project financing markets, including, not least, the international banks, who also finance Danish exports on a large scale. Clearly their appetite is on larger contracts, but there are plenty of supplies from Danish companies – also in the SME segment – that lender banks are keen to finance. Both direct supplies and sub-supplies that can be “bundled”.

We can facilitate and structure financing and risk mitigation for your customers, and we can be the coordinator throughout the whole process. In addition, we can – not least – secure ancillary business for you in connection with the execution of the orders. Your customers will not necessarily have any security for payments “just because” a loan has been arranged for the buyer to finance an order. More is needed, and here the seller will prefer to have “his own” bank involved if possible.

Obviously, we are also able to assist your customers with other trade finance solutions etc. And if it is of interest to you to participate in tenders for credit facilities, cash-management etc. on behalf of relevant companies, we’d be happy to hear from you.

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